BMC 50
1: Enrico ALBICASTRO (c.1670-1738): Concerto à 4 in B-flat Major, Op. 7, No. 6
Grave-Allegro-Adagio-Grave-Allegro-Grave / Allegro / Grave e spirituoso-Adagio / Allegro

2: Enrico ALBICASTRO: Concerto à 4 in b minor, Op. 7, No. 7
Affettuoso-Allegro-Adagio-Spirituoso / Allegro / Grave Allegro-Da capella-Allegro
Carl Pini and John Tunnell, Violins / Anthony Pini, Cello / Harold Lester, Harpsichord.

3: William BOYCE (1711-1779): Concerto Grosso for Strings in e minor
Largo / Allegro / Siciliana /Allegro

4: Robert WOODCOCK (1690-1728): Concerto in E-flat Major for Oboe & Strings
Adagio / Allegro / Largo / Vivace

5: Jan Dismas ZELENKA (1679-1745): Capriccio I in D Major, ZWV 182
Andante-Allegro / Paysan / Aria / Bourrée / Minuetto

6: Georg Philipp TELEMANN (1681-1767): Oboe Concerto in c minor
Grave / Allegro / Andante / Vivace
THE LONDON BAROQUE ORCHESTRA - Conductor: Alexander Hamilton - Richard Earle, Oboe

7: J.S. BACH (1685-1750): Fantasy & Fugue in a minor, BWV 904

Total time 75:36

An eclectic collection indeed – but all jolly good stuff, much of it unknown save to the experienced baroque connoisseur. Who, for example, has heard of a Swiss baroque composer by the name of Heinrich Weissenburg von Biswang? No? Perhaps the Italianized version of his name – Enrico Albicastro – might ring a bell. No? Well, here's a chance to meet him, along with Robert Woodcock from England, and Jan Dismas Zelenka from Bohemia and later Dresden.

Even with more familiar names such as Boyce, Telemann and Bach, we offer rarely heard works, or in the case of Bach, the fairly well-known Fantasy & Fugue BWV 904 but orchestrated, rather than the more customary performance on the harpsichord (though we have also issued versions for claviorganum and pedal-harpsichord).

It's a nicely varied program of very worthwhile music which we know you will enjoy.

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